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At K8 Pharma, our commitment to product development and cannabinoid formulation is key to our organization. Our team works side-by-side every client in order to cater to your needs and manufacture products that reflect each brands’ personal identity. From private labeling to custom formulations and packaging, K8 Pharma is your go-to world-class cannabis manufacturer.


Our Products

World-Class Cannabinoid Products. Customized Just For You.

K8 Pharma specialized in customized cannabinoid solutions for business. We provide vape, shatter, diamonds, rosin, capsules, salves, balms, creams, tinctures, pre-rolls, flower line… and other noteworthy cannabinoid formulations.

What We Can Do


Custom formulation

We cultivate strong relationships with our clients through personalized, highly attentive product creation sessions.


Private Label

We will make custom proprietary blends of cbds and tinctures to provide you distinctive mixes to exemplify your brand’s unique presence in the CBD market.


White Label

White label blends are also provided, in the case that your business isn’t aware of the standard blend ratio, we offer our personal CBD mix which you can repackage.


Custom Package Design​

Our in-house design team will sit with you and help you execute the vision of the designer brand you wish. Using our state-of-the-art design technology, we will customize a package for your unique brand presence.

How it Works

Designing on a Mac

Step 1

Tell us about your team and brand. Start by filling out the form on the contact page. You can also schedule a meeting with our team and take a tour of our state-of-the-art manufacturing and extraction facility.

Bunch of medicine on the shelf

Step 2

Identify the exact products you want to launch under your brand and our team will work with you to curate a specific and customized line of products. We can customize any terpene and curate your custom flavor profile desired cannabinoid ratio.

Weed Joint

Step 3

Once your team approves the formula we have created, your products will go into production. We will fulfill your purchase order, package all products and get them ready for distribution and testing.

Simplest Perfection

K8 Pharma’s state of the art facility was designed for scale in mind. From design and functionality, we developed what we see as the future home and new standard the cannabis industry has been asking for. From precision-made C1D1 extraction rooms to the highest standard in air filtration in our post-process and formulation wing, we are the markets premier manufacturer of CBD products.

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Get a behind the scenes look and book a tour with us to start putting your customized formula in production.

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