Personalized, Refined, Branded CBD products.

We are a team of world-class scientists educated in the science of terpenes, tinctures, and blends dedicated to producing quality CBD mixes for you. CBD has become a staple in extending vitality and improving people’s everyday lives with its therapeutic and organic remedies to pains, aches, and other medical ailments. As a premier manufacturer, we aim to create state of the art highly customized CBD blends and products personalized for our clientele to assure the product reflects the objectives and messaging of the product.


Choose the perfect flower this season with our premium quality popcorns, shakes, pre-rolls



Our perfect popcorn shaped blooms are the perfect choice for your brand's product array with its organically cultivated leaves and premium quality soils to ensure the highest quality product



Our Shakes are prime for accented toppings to any CBD branded foods for your personal brand. The shakes we produce stem from the high-grade product ensuring your brand matches the sharp presence in quality as well as aesthetic value it provides.



We produce pre-roll perfect for your brand to sell as CBD rolls prime for sharing with friends and gifting around the holidays.


Our concentrates are heavy in CBD and low in the extra additives, always ensuring purity and grade are the highlights of your products. Our shatters, diamonds, and rosins are the industry-leading choice for any retailer interested in producing a top-class selection of CBD product.



Shatter: We produce the prominent dab, Shatter, known for its 80% potency. This exceptional blend is stocked and created in-house at our laboratories to give you a wide variety of strength in CBD blends.

CBD Extract


We also produce varieties of Diamond Strains ranging from Black Diamond Kush to Diamond Valley Kush. These diamond strains are in constant demand and are an essential addition to an extensive line of CBD products.



Our rosins are made using heat extraction and no additives to retain the purity of the product over the development process. Our rosins are perfect for selling to the mass public with our pure, grade-safe lab process of production.


K8 Pharma’s oils are first-class in its unique properties with pure and refined notes of sweetness and haze to give each of your products an unforgettable signature scent.
White Pills


K8 creates capsules for pharmaceutical usage as consumers may prefer CBD ingestion in medicinal form. Our in-house team of scientists is prepped to produce capsules that fit your brand and consumer’s needs.

CBD oil


K8 offers an alcoholic version of CBD product available to sell, our tinctures are perfect for the avid Cannabis consumer, who needs a long shelf-life for their CBD consumption. Tinctures are an appealing choice with its 7-year shelf life and everyday functionality, as it can be added easily to meals and drinks.


K8 Pharma’s Creams are developed with unadulterated, fully extracted ingredients to provide optimum high and medicinal benefits for all their users. Mitigate all problems, pain, and create staple medicinal products for all your clients with K8 Pharma’s pure blends and rich creams.

CBD drop


K8 Pharma’s medicinal salve production will help mass-market lines of topicals, solutions, and creams to aid consumers who need help with muscle pain, stiffness, and everyday mobility. Our Salves are made with A-grade CBDs to ensure maximum relief for all users.



Our balms are the perfect choice for people sensitive to smokes, and capsules. The balms allow the topical application of CBD specifically for the pain to alleviate aches and provide all your medical patients with proper care for their daily life activities. Our balms are portable and can be customized to meet your brand’s aesthetic for mass-market sale.


A heavy haze is not complete without a pairing of refined blends to produce a perfect puff for all your brand name CBD products.

Vape Pen

Vape Pen

Vape Pens are an excellent choice for brands interested in producing smokable products for their consumers. We produce stainless steel pens of the finest quality, made-ready to be sold in mass quantity to your consumers.

Vape Pen


Our stunning metal cartridges are perfect for any brand interested in creating a portable, travel-friendly product for their consumers. Our cartridges all small, efficient, and beautiful ready-to-use with its intuitive design and packaging quality. You can control the concentration and dosage with each use making the cartridge a staple in CBD manufacturing purchases.

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